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Help animals in Coimbatore, India, through Citizens for Animals (CFA), a USA public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)
What is Citizens for Animals?

CFA's primary beneficiary, HAS, was established in 2006 by a group of people who believe that, in addition to hands-on intervention, the power of compassion, love and kindness will make a meaningful, positive difference to animals. HAS is responsible for humane animal birth control programs, anti-rabies programs, vaccinations, adoption camps, emergency treatment of injured animals and their rehabilitation, and imparting animal awareness education for school children and communities. All HAS projects are carried out in Coimbatore where HAS is operating two facilities for the benefit of animals: a clinic for animals in immediate need of care or emergency treatment, and a sanctuary for animals that have finished their treatment. 

A cornerstone of CFA's approach to improving the welfare of animals is to create awareness on animal rights through education and outreach, and to empower humans by providing a platform where they may, in their own unique way, contribute to protecting animals.

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Humane Animal Society Coimbatore

Who we are

CFA was born out of the desire of a handful of compassionate citizens to help and fund HAS, whom they have been connected with since the inception in 2006. Realising that animal protection activities in India are very poorly funded, we felt there was a need to create a strong foundation to carry on the critical work that HAS undertakes. The members of the Board of Directors work pro-bono, and ensure that every donated dollar is used entirely for the welfare of animals.

Leena Kumar

Leena is the President of CFA, and is responsible for the overall management of CFA.

I am a clinical scientist at Merck Pharmaceuticals, and residing in Pennsylvania. I love nature, and am very passionate about the wellbeing of animals and wildlife. I have three furballs myself in the form of my two dogs Lucy and Nellie, and cat Jax, who I consider my kids/grandkids. Through CFA I hope I can use my love and passion for animals, along with the knowledge I can provide, to help CFA and empower others to care for them in the best way possible.

Ling-Tien Chung

As secretary and treasurer of CFA, Ling-Tien oversees the activities of CFA, and she is the person you are likely to be corresponding with if you contact CFA.

I have worked with a non-profit volunteer run Chinese language school in the suburbs of Chicago for 8 years, and I’ve been the principal for the last two years. As the head of a non-profit organization, I understand the importance of team work, community support, and the inspiration and impact we can give to new generations. That’s why I am so proud to be part of CFA and HAS. Our love for animals and our support for each other does make a difference.

Preethi Krishnan

Preethi is the Vice President of CFA, and a member of the CFA Board of Directors.

Animals bring so much joy to my life, and I always wanted to do something meaningful to give back to them. Being a part of CFA and supporting the life-saving work of the Humane Animal Society, Coimbatore, India is an important part of my life and especially close to my heart as Coimbatore is my hometown. I do this through my work in CFA, through donations, and by organizing fundraising campaigns. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and work at Gilead Sciences. I am a proud pawrent of a smart, kind and goofy doggo, Lily, who enriches my life everyday.

Jessy Paul

Jessy is a member of the CFA Board of Directors.

I live in Dallas, Texas and am a Nuclear Medicine technologist by profession. A nature lover and botanist, I enjoy gardening, bird watching and love spending time with my cats Zuko and Pokey. I have always been interested in social causes and have got involved whenever I got an opportunity. Passionate about animal welfare, I am proud to be part of CFA and hope I can make a difference to the lives of many rescue animals.

Elsa Mary Thomas

Elsa is a member of the CFA Board of Directors.

I am a retail buyer by profession and currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Animals have been constant companions in my life. Our love for one another motivates me to learn more about them everyday. I love caring for and spending time with my beautiful and smart rescue pet Habeeb. I hope to work with Citizens For Animals to give back for the welfare of these beautiful creatures and to create awareness through global outreach.

Aneeha Patwardhan

Aneeha is CFA's operations consultant.

Aneeha is a nonprofit operations consultant and engineer. She helps organizations set up, improve, and run their back offices so that they can focus on their core mission. Aneeha has consulted for several leading organizations of all sizes–from multinational NGOs to small startups–and has saved them thousands of hours and dollars by streamlining their operations departments. Before her consulting work, Aneeha directed vegan education and institutional meat-reduction programs for an international nonprofit and worked in business technology consulting. Some of the causes closest to her heart are animal rights, gender and racial equity, and global health.


If you are travelling to India, we highly recommend that, if possible, you spend some time volunteering at HAS in Coimbatore. HAS is always seeking volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses, and vet students to work with their permanent vets and animal care staff. The main jobs are to sterilize and provide treatment for street dogs. As a volunteer at HAS, you will have opportunities to learn different approaches to veterinary medicine, and help treat illnesses and injuries that are uncommon in developed countries. You will also be able to ride in HAS’s animal ambulance with staff who catch and release street dogs and respond to emergency rescue calls. Approximately 5-10 surgeries are done per day (including spay and neuter).

Volunteers without veterinary qualifications or experience are also welcome to volunteer at HAS. HAS is always in need of people who are good at DIY (fixing and/or creating), and people who are able to care for animals intuitively.

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